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Contributor Catch-up with Hillary Leftwich

What current, recent, or upcoming projects are you excited about right now?

I’m currently working on Alchemy Writing Workshop and getting workshops and classes out there for writers to learn about subjects and crafts they otherwise wouldn’t afford or have the schedule to take time off to attend (MFA or writing retreat). It’s a community-based workshop taught by volunteer writers wanting to teach a certain workshop or class that they have experience in and would love for others to learn from!

I’m also working on a writing project of my own with Julia Madsen as my mentor/project manager-? I guess that’s the right label! She’s helping me with the collection, which has a lot to do with space and memory, and she’s incredible at writing about both!

Who is an emerging or marginalized writer you’d like others to know about? Or a panel or reading you’d like to share?

Not so much an emerging but perhaps a name I feel everyone should know: Te V Smith and Akusua Akoto, two writers I deeply admire and will shout their names as long as I can because everyone should read their words.

Where is your favorite place to find updates and announcements about new titles, contests, writers, events, trends, and communities?

Entropy’s Where to Submit is always great, and I also compile a list of where to submit and contests, grants, retreats, etc., on my Patreon Page: Alchemy Writing Workshop.

What is your go-to Artifact/Artefact of Inspiration? When you need a little creative boost, what do you turn to?

I always turn to Tarot to help me with any creativity blocks or need some inspiration. They’re a wonderful source of not only manifesting but also bringing to light some issues we might be having with a specific project or needing more insight into things we might be overlooking. I also teach Tarot writing workshops and offer Tarot readings as well; you can find more info on my website at!

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