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Hairstreak Butterfly Review, named after the official Colorado state insect, embraces Colorado College’s aspiration to invite imaginative transformation and possibility into our understanding of the world. We seek to offer a space for writing that stirs the senses and invokes things wild, sacred, daring, and visionary. We are as excited about feeling out the limits of genre, language, perspective, and narratives as we are about the careful rendering of that which makes humans human and keeps time waxing and waning. Thank you for joining us.​

Hairstreak Butterfly Review is made possible by the support of the Colorado College English Department, Indigenous Studies, Creativity and Innovation at CC (2019), the NEH Fellowship (2017-2020), the President's Office (2017-2020), the Dean of Faculty's office (2017-2020), and the Schlosser Professorship (2020-2023).

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