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submissions for issue six will open Fall 2024

Colorado College's emerging literary journal is looking for writing that stirs the senses and invokes things wild, sacred, daring, and visionary. We are as excited about feeling out the limits of genre, language, perspective, and narrative as we are about the careful rendering of that which makes humans human and keeps time waxing and waning.​

Dear CC Students,
Hairstreak Butterfly Review does not consider current or recently graduated CC student creative works for publication. For college-wide publications, please visit
Cipher and Leviathan. CC alums may submit work seven years after their graduating year.


Submission Guidelines for Creative Work 

  • We do not publish current Colorado College students or recently graduated CC students. Alums are welcome to submit work seven years after their graduation year.

  • We accept previously unpublished work only.

  • Simultaneous submissions are encouraged. We ask to be notified immediately when withdrawing your work. For poetry, please note your withdrawal in the comments section of your submission.

  • Please submit once a reading period. Poetry submissions can include up to 4 poems and short fiction (ca. 850 words) submissions can include up to three works. Otherwise, send one story or essay (up to 3,500 words).

  • Responses may take up to five months. Please use our contact form for inquiries.

  • In your cover letter, please include a brief bio or publishing history and indicate the word count and genre of your work. We'd also love to know who you are reading these days!

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