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Contributor Catch-up with Jessy Randall

What current, recent, or upcoming projects are you excited about right now?

Mathematics for Ladies, a collection of poems about historical women in STEM fields. It will be published by Goldsmiths / University of London in late 2022. I’ve been working on this project since 2017. More information:

Who is an emerging or marginalized writer you’d like others to know about? Or a panel or reading you’d like to share?

I’m pretty excited about several people doing visual poems right now: Johnny Damm, Sarah J. Sloat, Jac Batey, Sommer Browning.

This is probably pretty far afield, more related to my work as a librarian and archivist than my writing, but the Bibliographical Society’s webinar “Building Better Book Feminisms,” on feminist bibliography and citation, was paradigm-changing for me:

Where is your favorite place to find updates and announcements about new titles, contests, writers, events, trends, and communities?

I use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to follow the Science Fiction Poetry Association, Text + Image Resource Group, and several literary magazines I particularly like.

What is your go to Artifact/Artefact of Inspiration? When you need a little creative boost, what do you turn to?

Oh, you know, books. Reading books is probably the thing that boosts me the most. Or walking. In the Before Times, I would’ve said visiting an art museum or traveling. Being alone. But those are just distant memories now.

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