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Please note: We do not publish creative work by Colorado College students. CC Alums are invited to submit work seven years after your graduation year.

Check out our past interviews and reviews here

Submission Guidelines for Student Interviews

  • ​We are interested in conversations with writers, editors and artists, about writing and their works. Interviews are typically centered around 6 or so questions, and should showcase your own personal style.

  • Interviews can be transcribed or conducted through email and questions can be revised after the initial interview to improve the flow of the exchange or to better reflect the interviewee's response. 

  • Interviews are published 1-2 a month and can be accepted at any time of the year. Interviews are conducted and submitted by enrolled Colorado College students.


Please send them directly to​​

Submission Guidelines for Student Book Reviews

HBR's Review Series is dedicated to promoting these authors and their work by publishing reviews on Indie/Small Press books.

  • All reviews will be written by current Colorado College students. Reviews can be of any length or medium--written form for the website, video and/or audio forms, and visual texts welcome.

  • All books must be published after Oct. 2019 (as small/indie press book releases around this time were greatly impacted by Covid travel restrictions and shifts to online teaching). Artist Book Reviews are also welcome and best coordinated with Special Collections at Tutt Library. Please contact Jessy Randall, Aaron Cohick, or Natanya Pulley for more information. 

  • All books must be from an INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER OR SMALL PRESSES. 

  • Hairstreak Butterfly Review will prioritize book reviews for books by authors marginalized by race, age, able-bodiedness, gender, sexual orientation (etc.)

Please Submit Student Book Reviews here

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